As of this writing, Paris Records is almost 21 yrs old. With 5 new releases for 2006-2007, the impossible history of Paris records is about to begin a new chapter --and so a new "about us" should be added. The label as it is today really owes it's existence to my dear friend Joseph Tornabene. Joel made the connection between my early multi-artist / spoken word albums and Hal Willner's wide-open "tribute" style, and arranged a meeting between us on Labor day weekend 1986. I vividly remember being so scared I could barely speak. Anyway, that meeting with Hal, like my chance meeting with Joel in 1980, changed my life, and believe it or not, made many of my wildest dreams come true.

Thank you, Joey, for this label, and for always being brave enough to open any door.
Michael Minzer 3/25/2006

Postscript 9/6/2011
Today marks the 25th anniversary of my first meeting with Hal. We met at the Yarber family beach house in Del Mar, CA. This year, we completed our 8th production together. Paris Records is, in large part, the product of our collaboration. When we began, we wanted to contribute to the spoken-word recording tradition. Little did we know that we would basically revive it. I thank you, Hal, for everything. I also want to remember the amazing friendship and generosity of Allen Ginsberg. But most of all, I want to thank my dear Father - Sol Minzer