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Give Me Your Hump! - Terry Southern

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Give Me Your Hump!

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Contributing Artists

Give Me Your Hump!
Terry Southern


  • Marianne Faithfull
  • Allen Ginsberg
  • Martin Mull
  • Michael J. Pollard
  • Jonathan Winters
  • Sandra Bernhardt
  • Michael O'Donoghue
  • Mary Jenifer Mitchell as "Candy"

Produced by

  • Hal Willner
  • Nelson Lyon

Executive Producer

  • Michael Minzer For Paris Productions


  • Scott Kuchler

Sleeve Notes

Produced by: Hal Willner and Nelson Lyon
Executive Producer: Michael Minzer for Paris Productions
Coordinator: Scott Kuchler
All material written by Terry Southern except "Candy" written by Terry Southern and Mason Hoffenberg, "Freud & Kafka (Act 2: "Apartment to Exchange")" written by Terry Southern & Nelson Lyon; and "Boulevard of Broken Balls" written by Michael O'Donoghue and Cheryl Hardwick
Edited and Directed by Nelson Lyon
Recorded and Mixed by Eric Liljestrand
Recorded at the Gramercy Park Hotel & the home of Michael O'Donoghue: New York, NY
"Candy" and "Boulevard of Broken Balls" recorded live during Vicki Stanbury's Spoken Word series in 1993 at the legendary Sine Café (courtesy of Shane Doyle)
Additional recording at Sorcerer Sound Studios; New York, The Village; Santa Monica, CA., and Points West Recording; Silverlake, CA
Additional recording by Martin Brumback and Hal Willner
Mixed at The Village; Santa Monica, CA. and Points West Recording; Silverlake, CA.
Photography: Nelson Lyon
Art/Design: Jeff Gilligan

Producer Notes

Terry Southern is the most important literary satirist of the twentieth century, best know as the co-writer of "Dr. Strangelove" and the foremost creator of that now classic category, "Black Comedy."

Terry started the fire-bombing of hypocrisy with the novel "CANDY." The live audience performance of the most notorious passage from "CANDY" climaxes this record.

"CANDY," published in France in 1958, was immediately banned and confiscated by customs authorities, initially proclaimed "pornographic and obscene," this devastating satire finally broke through censorship barriers and along with Terry's later novel "THE MAGIC CHRISTIAN" created an international sensation.

A corrosive guerrilla comedy was born. Terry Southern and Lenny Bruce were on the frontlines. This new era launched by Terry Southern, gave us "DOCTOR STRANGELOVE" and Terry's "EASY RIDER." Norman Lear and Buck Henry ("THE GRADUATE") put it simply and directly to Terry: "You made it possible for all of us."

And, as William S. Burroughs wrote in his forward to the re-issue of Terry's first novel, "FLASH AND FILIGREE:" "Flash and Filigree," "The Magic Christian," the stories in "Red Dirt Marijuana" explore insanity as no-one else ever has."

Indeed, the figure of Terry Southern on the cover of the Beatles' "SERGEANT PEPPER'S" album is placed next to Edgar Allen Poe and is just one of the "pop" acknowledgements of his historic importance. This recored, "GIVE ME YOUR HUMP!...The Unspeakable Terry Southern Record, " is the one and only recording of Terry reading the best work from his novels and stories. He is joined by his friends and admirers...Including Allen Ginsberg, Jonathan Winters, Marianne Faithfull, Sandra Bernhardt, Martin Mull, Michael Pollard, and Michael O'Donoghue.

Terry Southern is an authentic American treasure. This record is his celebration.

Nelson Lyon

This Record is Dedicated To Michael O'Donoghue

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